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November 20, 2010

Stiff and stern Cristina Yang, after quitting as a surgeon, became a bartender. In episode 9 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 6, she looked more like a hooker, which I guess is part of her new act. LOL. Love her newfound freedom, but I hope she snaps out of it and comes back to saving lives.

my long-lost childhood dream: to become a doctor

November 16, 2010

I remembered when I was stil a kid, my greatest fantasy was to be a doctor. As I have always fantasized about being a powerful woman, the challenging nature of this job really looked enticing to me. However, as I grew up, my interests have begun to shift, and now, becoming a doctor is just another one of my life’s long lost dreams. lol.

I must admit though, one tv show that got me hooked was Grey’s Anatomy, a series about a team of surgeons who, as they lived and worked together, have also become lovers and friends. This tv show has always been my all-time favorite!!!! I’m really fascinated about the characters, the lives they’re leading, and sometimes, I also get to fantasize how things would be had I become a doctor. There’s just something about those scrubs and lab coats that just demand respect. lol. I think scrub suits would really look great on me.

Last Halloween, I didn’t have enough time to look for a costume so I decided to go as a surgeon. Pretty neat and a hell lot easy! So I was browsing the net for a set of scrubs when I chanced upon Blue Sky Scrubs. This online shop had a whole array of medical scrubs and coats! Their soft cotton scrubs for medical professionals are made from the highest quality of fabrics that just makes running around veryyy comfortable. But what really gets me here is that they not only have simple, surgical scrubs for sale, but that their designs are so totally awesome too! Imagine this, their scrubs make savings lives seem really fun! So all you nurses, doctors and everyone in the medical field, you gotta see these to-die-for scrubs that are really comfy and fashionable!


November 16, 2010



June 17, 2010

I’m trying this out. Just found out that this is a really nice PTC site. It really pays.

Back to school

June 15, 2010

I never thought I’d go back to school after graduating three years ago. However, working had taken its toll on me, and I feel as if I had not grown efficient over time. I need new knowledge, new insights. I need something new to drive me out of my box. I guess my thirst for learning has gradually kicked in without me really noticing it until I was in front of PNU’s cashier paying for my tuition fee.

I want a new direction, and I guess this is it. A new option, an alternative career.  May not be high paying but my heart lies in the fact that I’d give anything for every child not to suffer the consequences of being uneducated.

The length of my patience and tolerance may not reach the requirement to become an instructor, but certainly, the passion in my heart does.


March 9, 2010

When something’s too good to be true, there’s always a catch. ALWAYS. No exceptions. And boy was it a CATCH! It was fucking one hell of a catch that I was literally bewildered how I got fooled.  Oh well

Oh did I say I hate dishonesty to the core? Well now you fucking know.

Muay Thai and Naruepol

December 18, 2009

I got hooked on The Contender Asia a year after it was shown. I know I know I’m so not in the loop, but two guys brawling didn’t register as fun to me until I took up Muay Thai. I dunno what keeps me on my toes about this sport. It could be the legend and the story behind all fights, or maybe the respect that the fighters have for each other even after smashing heads and giving blows (Ok that didn’t sound right lol), or maybe the discipline and the extreme workout one gets while training. Believe me guys, even my panties are soaked with sweat. lol

And my latest obsession? Naruepol Fairtex! Even though most fighters have the same lean body, this Thai really struck my obsession button right on the spot. He’s a hunk of a fighter! Badass on the ring but is really friendly once he’s done fighting. Woot woot! lol Too bad he already has a wife. I jus really love myself so lemme just say that I’m tons more beautiful than that lucky Thai girl (get a whiff of my bitterness in the air. lol). I swear I will go to Pattaya and visit Fairtex gym jus to get a glimpse of Naruepol. I sure hope that by then, his wife won’t be around! Wahahahaha

I can’t wait to train againnnnnnn!